2015 Canyon De Chelly 55K - The only NAVAJO OWNED AND OPERATED ultramarathon on Navajo land. - Come join us in the heart of the Navajo reservation for an ULTRA experience that you will never forget. The race will take place entirely in Canyon de Chelly, one of the most significant spiritual locations to our people. We will start by signal from the birth of a new day, the rise of the sun over the canyon rim. Runners will experience the traditional values of Navajo distance running by running as a celebration of life, running as a form of prayer and learning to use the sport as a mentor to better ourselves. The canyon and trails are normally off limits to all non-Navajos. Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to run ancient trails. ALL profits will go to local Native American runners chasing the dream!!!! The 2014 race poured $7,326.00 (MORE THAN DOUBLED FROM 2013) to the local runners! THANK YOU to everyone involved!

Wings of America

In partnership with Wings of America, WE are proud to bring you a true Native American running experiance! For more information on Wings, please visit their site and see their positive impact on Native American youth through distance running. www.wingsofamerica.org



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